Working Holiday Visa: Travel and work for one year in New Zealand


Since 2008, in an agreement between the governments of Brazil and New Zealand, 300 work and vacation visas are granted annually, the so-called Working Holiday Visa, which allows Brazilians to travel and work legally for one year in New Zealand.

Working Holiday Visa for Brazilians: The Chance to Fund a Long-Term Trip

The initial problem in planning a long-term trip arises from the bureaucratic issues that each country sets up to free its access and permanence.

The Brazilian passport is very well accepted worldwide – there are few countries that require a prior visa from Brazilians for tourism. But to stay beyond the usual three months guaranteed to tourists, the story is completely different.

Part of the reason we were encouraged to choose New Zealand as the starting point of our trip is the relative ease with which it issues Working Holiday Visa to Brazilians in a process done online without the need for forwarders, travel agencies, or passport be mailed.

Only 300 vacancies per year for Brazilians to get Working Holiday Visa.

In the case of the Brazilian agreement with New Zealand, annually through the Working Holiday Visa, a quota of only 300 visas is released (this is the big problem) that allows you to get work and stay in the country for up to one year. It is a work visa basically, with the only restriction that the applicant is not hired by the same employer for more than three months.

New Zealand’s purpose in releasing this quota is for you to travel too, after all, it is a work and vacation visa. That’s what you came for, and working would just be a way of supporting tourism spending. However, nothing prevents that once in the country, if a permanent job proposal comes up, that you apply for a Work Permit, but this is not the case at the moment.

Requirements to apply New Zealand Working Holiday Visa to Brazilians

To get one of the 300 vacancies that are opened annually, the prospective candidate must meet a number of required criteria, such as:

  • To be a Brazilian citizen
  • Have a passport valid for up to three months after the planned departure date from New Zealand. (Recommended expiration at least 15 months after the date of selection)
  • Be at least 18 and no older than 30 years old (ps: This is valid at the time of application. So if you are 17 you should wait a little longer but if you are already 30 you can still apply even if you arrive at New Zealand is already 31).
  • Do not travel with children (It is not forbidden to have children, but they must stay in Brazil).
  • Have a return ticket to Brazil or prove you have enough money to buy it.
  • Bring at least NZ $ 4,200 to cover your initial costs in the country.
  • Have travel insurance that covers all your time in New Zealand (Learn how to quote and find the cheapest travel insurance )
  • Traveling to New Zealand for a vacation, work should be your secondary intention.
  • Not previously approved for Working Holiday Visa (Visa is granted once in a lifetime. If you were previously approved and gave up on travel, it was already).
  • And if you are already in New Zealand, you have a valid visa (If you become illegal in the country at some point you will have serious problems and Working Holiday Visa is not a solution for you, friend).

What to do BEFORE you are scheduled to get Working Holiday Visa

With a quota of only 300 visas and the number of Brazilians currently able to travel abroad, since 2008, vacancies for Working Holiday Visa have been faster and faster, currently being filled in minutes.

As every minute counts for vacancies, you need to access the immigration website in advance and create your username and password days before the Working Holiday Visa process is opened. Creating a registration on opening day can not only leave you behind but the site can be overwhelmed and not even allow you to start filling in your information.

Go Online for Working Holiday Visa Registration for Brazilians

New Zealand’s Working Holiday Visa for Brazilians generally opens in early September *. Usually, because the exact date changes from year to year, but some time before the Immigration confirms the exact date and time of the cattle firing.

In 2019 the opening date for Working Holiday Visa for Brazilians will be:

  • August 22, 2019, at 10:00 am in New Zealand
  • August 21, 2019, at 7:00 pm in Brazil (Brasilia time)

(date updated September 2019 as shown in  Brazil Working Holiday Visa )

Registration for Working Holiday Visa for Brazilians is made every year on the New Zealand Government website, check for possible updates on the process.

On the announced day and time they enable a questionnaire that must be completed as soon as possible to secure the vacancy. These are questions about your personal data, health history, professional and educational, all in English.

In the end, a fee must be paid using an international credit card only (borrow from someone if you don’t have one)

In 2018 the rate was 208 NZD, but may be adjusted from year to year without notice.

What to do after paying the Working Holiday Visa fee?

If you have successfully paid, celebrate! This means that you are in the group of 300 Brazilians who entered the annual Working Holiday Visa quota in New Zealand (if the quota had overflowed they would not allow you to pay).

From now on you still have to take a few steps to get Working Holiday Visa approved, otherwise your vacancy will be passed on.

Medical Exam for Working Holiday Visa Approval

After the rush to fill the form and make the payment, you will receive an email informing you that to complete your application you must complete the INZ 1096 form, choose one of the doctors certified by them and forward everything to an X-ray plate. X proving you have no tuberculosis, by mail within 15 days. (PS: Some clinics are already registered in the Government online system and send the exam directly over the internet, without the need to send by letter)

Certified clinics will be able to refer you through the entire process of completing this form, but it is essential to research prices among all qualified doctors, as none of them accept health insurance and the amount charged for the exam is completely arbitrary.

See the complete list of Working Holiday Visa Certified Physicians

Working Holiday Visa Approval and Grant

Submitted the material and the medical examination, just wait. The immigration website allows you to track the process online and provides you with an email and a contact telephone number for the agent who will take care of issuing your Working Holiday Visa so that you can answer any questions. In our case, two weeks after submitting we received approval (one for each in separate processes – there is no visa as a “partner” in the case of Working Holiday Visa, it is each for you).

Once you have approved your email, you will have up to a year to prepare and arrive in New Zealand to begin your adventure. Only from the date of disembarkation will Working Holiday Visa’s 12-month term begin to count.

Working Holiday Visa: Your Way to New Zealand Step by Step

As visas are issued to those who first fill out a form correctly on the opening day of the application, competition is huge and increasing every year.

For many Brazilians, the questionnaire is a big barrier, as it is only possible to view it when they open the registration. (notice the comments of this text as last year many people were lost)

That’s why we gathered the information when we applied (in 2013) and in 2015 and 2016 we accessed the system once again just to store the data so that we can develop, in a detailed way, a Working Holiday Visa guide. In it, we explain all the steps, from your initial registration to complete all tabs of the form, to help you prepare for the opening of applications.

Working Holiday Visa: Your Way to New Zealand Step by Step is a digital product. You will be able to download your copy immediately upon payment confirmation.

In “Working Holiday Visa: Your Way to New Zealand Step by Step” you will find:

  • Answers to the questions we receive most often by asking questions that may arise before your application.
  • Images of all screens throughout the application process with markup points to be filled in (using the 2015 and 2016 forms as a reference).
  • Translation of all questions asked on the form.
  • Links to the New Zealand Government pages where you will find the information you need to complete the form to prepare in advance.
  • 3rd EDITION UPDATE: Instructions to create your registration before registration, with a link that since June / 2016 is no longer publicly disclosed.
  • 3rd EDITION UPDATE: Complete List of Industry and Occupation already with the codes to fill in so you don’t waste time on the most complex stage of the form.
  • There are 34 pages that will be the great differential for the success of your application!

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