Love Laura to Pevita Pearce, 6 These Celebrities Hobby Showing Off Stomach Six Pack


Everyone who exercises has their respective goals. There are those who want to maintain ideal body weight, making the body healthy and fit, and get the desired body shape, including having a six-pack stomach. When successfully meeting the goal, of course, it feels very pleasant.

Therefore, it’s no wonder those who regularly exercise sometimes show off the results of their training. For example, those who routinely train abs muscles will usually show a six-pack stomach.

1. Love Laura

This German-Indonesian crossbreed artist often uploads their sports routines to social media. Several times he also chose clothes that showed his body shape. For example in this photo. Laura’s love appeared wearing a sleeveless crop top combined with floral trousers. The style of his appearance shows a perfectly formed six-pack stomach.

2. Nana Mirdad

Together with her husband, Nana Mirdad did adopt a healthy lifestyle. They pay close attention to their diet and exercise diligently. In this photo, both of them show the six-pack abs from exercise. If the husband chooses to be shirtless, then Nana wears a black crop top and hot pants with a torn accent.

3. Nia Ramadhani

Next, there is Nia Ramadhani who is often dressed sexy. Her ideal body shape makes many people praise her appearance style. In this photo, Ardi Bakrie’s wife appears wearing a white crop top combined with blue hot pants. Although not muscular, his flat stomach still impressed others.

4. Mikha Tambayong

With a sporty style, in this photo, Mikha Tambayong also shows a flat stomach with muscles formed. He was seen wearing a black crop top combined with gray leggings and outer. He also wore black sneakers.

5. Valerie Thomas

Another artist who often wears sexy clothes and shows off her body shape is Valerie Thomas. In this photo, he wore a black crop top strap combined with matching oversized colored pants. With his appearance, his muscular flat stomach is clearly visible.

6. Pevita Pearce

Lastly, there was Pevita Pearce who showed off a flat stomach through her airport style. In this photo, he appears wearing a black crop top combined with gray trousers. The establishment pose makes the abdominal muscles clearer.

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