Eat something sweet before going to sleep, triggers a nightmare?


Many people feel hungry before going to sleep. They also choose to eat sweet foods in order to overcome them. It’s just, is it true that if we eat sweet foods before going to sleep, the risk of developing nightmares will increase?

Impact of Sweet Food for Risk of Nightmares

Health experts call blood sugar levels can affect dreams that come out when we sleep. If until the blood sugar level is lower than normal or in the medical world is called hypoglycemia, then we will experience some health symptoms such as having nightmares, a body that emits a lot of sweat, to the sensation of fatigue when you wake up.

Research published results in the Journal of the Mind and Body in 2000 produced the fact that there is a close relationship between eating habits before going to sleep with dreams that are obtained. In this study, it was mentioned that overeating can make brainwave activity increase and ultimately make dreams more clearly visible, especially nightmares.

Not only foods high in sugar, but health experts say the chemical content in food can also affect dreams. For example, the nicotine content that can be found in coffee, chocolate, and other foods or drinks can also make us experience dreams that tend to be strange. The same thing applies if we eat fast food.

In sweets and sweet chocolate usually contains caffeine and theobromine. This can cause sleep disorders or even nightmares if consumed too much.

Foods You Should Avoid Before Sleeping

In order to prevent nightmares from coming or to ensure that we can sleep soundly, health experts advise us to avoid certain foods that can be consumed before going to sleep.

Here are these foods.

  1. Pizza

One fast food that is very popular with many people is pizza. Unfortunately, behind the pleasure of pizza, there are so many health effects that we can get if you consume them too often.

For example, if we consume it near sleep, we will consume a lot of fat and acid. This will certainly make the stomach feel uncomfortable and ultimately impact on sleep less soundly.

  1. Coffee

Coffee is often consumed while relaxing or gathering together at night. The problem is that if consumed at too late, it will increase your heart rate and alertness. We also will be difficult to sleep and sleepy due to this.

  1. Spicy food

Spicy food is very delicious to consume at any time, but if we eat it at night or close to bedtime, this may cause stomach upset or other digestive problems. This certainly will make us unable to sleep soundly.

  1. Soft drink

Soft drinks are included in drinks with very acidic properties. The problem is this can make stomach acid rise. In addition, the presence of gas in it can also make the stomach experience excessive pressure. Taking it at night will certainly make the stomach feel uncomfortable and ultimately reduce the quality of sleep significantly.

  1. Burger

Fast food such as burgers is not recommended for frequent consumption. This is caused by very high saturated fat content. If consumed close to bedtime, it is feared that the stomach will work very hard to process it. This is what then causes sleep disturbance.

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