Developing Business by Changing Business Models from Offline to Online


The existence of an offline business is now increasingly depressed by the changing trends to the online world. Digital transactions continue to grow which makes it easier for consumers to get their needs without the hassle of leaving home. Only by using a mobile phone and internet quota, every consumer can easily find their needs.

With a significant change in the consumption patterns of this community, of course, business people need to find solutions to overcome them. Well, one way is to move businesses from offline to online. Of the many businesses, there are several brands that use digital to win the hearts of consumers, call it SweetEscape, Halodoc, to Fore Coffee. In this article, these three brands will share their strategies regarding business development from offline to online.


Fore Coffee, a Trending Online Coffee Service 

When discussing digital strategy, what ideas actually crossed? What problem do you want to solve? How to start with digital? All of these questions certainly become common questions that cross your mind. This was also felt by Elisa Suteja as Deputy CEO of Fore Coffee. A coffee brand is surprisingly able to attract the hearts of the public by being accompanied by an application to order a glass of coffee via mobile. Of course, this is something new considering that most coffee shops are marketed offline.

Elisa in the Mekari Conference said that this idea started from combining online and offline. Starting with a very short period of time, i.e. within just two weeks and opening two outlets, one of which is in a place that has low food traffic. However, there arises a desire to prove that using technology will solve the problem of low food traffic.

Offering on-demand coffee service, Fore Coffee strives to make consumers’ needs easier. Departing from desire, where you don’t need to bother going to a place to get service. This on-demand will make it easier for you, especially in the era of one quick away to get a coffee.


Apps is Not a Solution

Talking about technology, there are currently a lot of brands that are releasing applications ( apps ) to facilitate consumers. However, the problem here is that anyone can make an application, but how do you build it from zero to success? David Soong (Awi), founder of SweetEscape & BOGA Group said that the application is not a solution. Identifying the problem is the solution. So, when you do not know the problem clearly, the existence of the application will be fairly useless. Applications are just tools to make things easier.

The application only facilitates, but the real experience gained by consumers is the product. The key is to provide a consistent experience as expected, one of them is by serving with the heart. In a talk at the Mekari Conference, Elisa said, ” We strive to always understand customer desires. The existence of applications and technology certainly helps us know many things from customers. So, in the future, we can improve services based on feedback from consumers. We want to create a brand that is able to understand customers well. ” 


Testing the Market is Good 

Every business will surely have a hard time. The challenge will always be there to test how strong and ready you are to compete in the midst of intense competition. Don’t think that anything related to digital is complicated. We can start from the simplest. Not everything must be automated first. You can experiment ( test the water ). So, it doesn’t matter if some are still done manually. From there, we can learn and approach to find out the exact problem. 

Never feel down when consumers give complaints because the complaints will actually help you to correct yourself and improve the quality of the product itself. In addition, it never hurts to try the market and find out how the minimum value of a product can be developed and accepted by the public. 

“If it is so clear in your heart, that’s what the market wasn’t, even if the market doesn’t say it.”

Of course, when you want to know the market, it is important to provide the product first. Products that are made do not have to be perfect, but customers always come first. Of course, you will learn from customers to improve product quality. 


The Importance of Technology in Business 

If you still do not believe in technology and do not use it in business, of course, there will be many things that you miss. The existence of technology helps all processes more quickly, practically, and of course efficiently. Adopting technology is important in the current era, more so many new players who may have adopted many technologies for their business. If you don’t use it, then you will probably be left behind. 

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